Saturday, May 30, 2015

Zone Exchanges

May 30, 2015
So this week we did zone exchanges and I went with Elder Silva.  He is from Brazil.  He is a super cool guy.  We went and had a lesson with a recent convert family and it was a really great lesson.  During the lesson,  the daughter said that she wants to go on a mission and she bore her testimony to me and Elder Silva
Later this week we had a really great lesson with a new young couple in the ward and they are really excited to work with us and help out the ward as much as possible, Right now they are working on trying to get to know the members in the ward. 
Yeah, I had a great week and hope you all have a great one as well.
Elder Rogers

Sunday, May 24, 2015

A Week of Proselyting

May 23, 2015

       This week I have able to proselyte a lot more.  We have been leaving every day to teach people.  Right now the mission is focusing a lot on working with members. We have been giving out pamphlets about how to become a disciple of Christ and how the members can become more involved in the missionary work. We have had the opportunity to give it to a lot of members and we are seeing them progress and become more missionary-minded.  The new way we are working with members not only just helps us but it also helps all of the ward and people that aren't members as well. 

Hope you all have a great week!!!

Elder Rogers


Sunday, May 17, 2015

Zone Conference

These photos are of some of the missionaries in the office when we took
the missionaries going home to the airport
May 16, 2015

This week we had zone conference and it was a really great experience.  The president and the assistants talked a lot about consecration—how we need to always be worthy to serve the Lord and how we need to be worthy to be able to do that. Also consecration has a lot to do what our desires are, not what are actions are.  We have to do stuff that is good because we want to do it, not because we need to do it.  There was also a talk about faith and how with our investigators (or anybody that we are teaching), we need to have them answer their own doubts or questions. That really hit me because if we just give the easy answer to their questions, they don´t really understand why and they don´t think about it as much. 

The last thing talked about was working with members.  Well in our mission in the past we haven´t worked with members as best as we could have, but now we are changing that. We are learning how to work with members and helping them preach the gospel to their friends. 

Hope you have a great week

Elder Rogers 

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Busy Changes Week

May 9, 2015

Hello everybody, how are you? Well I`m doing pretty well.  This week has been kind of crazy but now everything is all good. 

Well this week was changes and I`m staying with the same companion and changes week is pretty crazy because there is so much that we have to do, like pick up the new missionaries and take them a bunch of different places.  We also take the missionaries that go home to the airport. 

Well tomorrow is mother`s day, so that is pretty crazy.  It didn`t feel like that long ago that we skyped, but I guess the time just flies by sometimes. 

Well I don`t have a ton of time to write but hope you all have a great weekend.

Elder Rogers

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Getting Ready for Changes


My zone here in Montevideo

May 2, 2015

Well this week kind of flew by.  Actually this whole change has flown by pretty quick, This week we have been working a lot of with houses.  With the changes coming up, we have to close a lot of houses and areas. This is because in our mission we are going to have less missionaries, so we have to work with the contracts and the owners of the homes.

I have learned a lot this change.  I look at the mission now in a different perspective than I did a couple of months ago. I don´t know, it is just different for me, not in a bad way though, just in a different way.  It is kind of difficult to explain it.  

But anyways, changes is next week and I already know that I´m staying here and I will also have the same companion. Because it is changes, there is a lot of stuff that we have to do, so our next week is going to be pretty crazy. 

Elder Rogers
My roommates

Me and my companion did a marathon (just kidding)