Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Changes – I’m moving to El Bosque


March 29, 2016
Hey everybody, 

          We had changes this week and I am leaving Bella Italia and I`m going to El Bosque, which is right on the beach. The only problem is we are approaching winter here so it is going to be really cold in my area. It is really sad to leave Bella Italia. I love this area and I`m going to miss it a lot. But I am also really excited to go to El Bosque. I have heard it is a really strong ward.
          We had a really good lesson this week with Adrian and Jessica.  They are really excited to learn more about our church. They really like to ask questions, which is really great.  I love it because I can tell it is something really important to them.

          We found a couple of new investigators this week that seem pretty interested. Sorry I didn`t write that big of an email, but I don`t have a lot of time. So, anyways, love you guys. Have a great week.
Elder Rogers

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Teaching about the Book of Mormon & Multi-Zone Activity

March 21, 2016
          Hey Everybody, how are you all doing? Anything crazy happen lately? It happen something crazy happened to me. We found some amazing investigators.  How we found them is kind of a long story, but we first talked to this guy named Adrian and he is very active in another church. But he is completely willing to change his beliefs and follow the answer that Christ gives him. His wife is willing to as well. 
          We have been focusing a lot on the Book of Mormon and how they can find the truth through the Book of Mormon and know that it is true. Sometimes we have some differences in doctrine, but we always explain to them, that if the Book of Mormon is true, then that means that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that he restored Christ`s church. They are very excited to learn more about the Book of Mormon and more about the church.
          We also had a multi-zone activity today and it was really fun we played jeopardy, dodgeball and did some other game shows.
Elder Rogers



Monday, March 14, 2016

Family History Work

March 14, 2016

Hey everybody,

          Hey, how are you guys doing?  Everything is going well down here in Uruguay. This week went by super-fast, I can`t believe it is already P-Day, We had a conference multi-mission conference with President and it was really good. The message that hit me the most was having the investigators make their own commitments and help them understand how to act through scriptures and inspired questions. It was really good.  We started doing that in our area and it has helped us a lot. 

          So Alicia went to the temple last Saturday and she said it was a really cool experience. The day before she went to the temple we visited them and help them start their family history work. They are still looking for dates of their great grandparents, but we were able to put her parents, grandparents, uncles, and siblings. They are really excited to keep on looking for more names and find more information. 

          I had a really good week, I hope you do to!!!

Con mucho amor,

Elder Rogers

Alexandra’s Baptism

Alexandra's Baptism
 March 7, 2016

          Hey, how are you all doing? I`m doing really good.  We had a baptism on Friday.  Her name is Alexandra.  She has been going to church for like 4 months now and she even went to EFY as well. She didn`t get baptized earlier because she had a crazy busy schedule and could never receive the lessons. She these last couple of weeks we were finally able to have the lessons and she was super-excited for her baptism. 

          Something crazy about the baptism was when we started filling up the baptismal font clean water was coming out and about an hour later we checked on it again and it was completely dirty. There was some pipe that broke or something and dirty water was coming out. So we only had an hour until the baptism and we called the bishop up and he told us that the dirty water was going to keep coming out. So that was crazy but everything went well after that. 

          This week we also did a crazy service project and we had to move all of this sand it was so crazy.

Have a great week,

Elder Rogers




Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Multi-Mission Conference with Elder Bednar

Alicia's Baptism
February 29, 2016

Hey everybody,

          We had a multi-mission conference with Elder Bednar and it was so great!  In the conference he talked a lot about how we as members have a lot of bad customs. For example, a lot of times we write down almost everything that is said in the conferences when we should just write down the things that the Holy Ghost is telling us. 

          Something else is he focused a lot of having faith and explained that a huge part of faith is acting and not just having an assurance or believing in something that is true. A huge part is acting and that is how we should learn by faith. We need to keep acting, learning from scriptures, doing all that we can to try to receive answers from the questions that we have and we need to keep on praying and asking god for more revelation.

          My new companion is Elder Cabrera from Paraguay and he has about 5 months on the mission. This is his second area.  It was pretty funny; his first day in the area it rained a ton. We are getting to know each other better and better. I hope you guys have a great week, 

Love you guys,

Elder Rogers