Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas and My Last Week in Melo

December 29, 2014

            So Christmas was awesome. We watched fireworks and had an asado.  We also played some games with the other missionaries in the house and we ate ice cream and drank some Coke.

            Yesterday was changes and I found out I am going to the city Vergada in the zone 33. The zone 33 is a ton like Melo; they are both very calm places and are smaller towns. I found out that Vergada is a very small town, and I don`t know a ton about my companion but I do know he is from Chile.

            I will try to send a picture of the Pelaez family next week (my sim card is giving me troubles).  The Pelaez family is super awesome. We helped get them reactivated into the church. It is going to be hard to leave them actually. When I was saying goodbye to them, they gave me a tie so I could remember them.

            Elder Ashcraft (my last companion) is staying in the area and is going to be training a brand new missionary. He is really excited.  In our mission it is like a privilege to be able to train, so he is super-excited to be able to train.

            I hope you all had a great Christmas and I hope you have a Happy New Year!!!!

Elder Rogers


Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas is Coming

December 22, 2014

            So.... Christmas is next week; that is so crazy. The time is just flying by this year. It doesn´t feel much like Christmas here probably just because it is so hot, haha. 

            So for Christmas it is basically just a normal work day for us except that we get to skype!!! The parties and stuff are on Christmas Eve here. Christmas Eve is a lot bigger here than Christmas. 

            So for Christmas Eve we are going to go to a family party at the house of a member at around 7 o clock then at 10:30 we will be home and that night will watch fireworks until around 12:30. Here that’s what they do for Christmas Eve is fireworks.  They don´t give out presents until kings day which is the 6th of January.

            This week we had a Christmas Conference that was really good/ For the Christmas conference every zone on the mission prepared songs to sing at the Christmas conference. Some of the zones sounded really good. Our zone sang a Christmas song, I thought we sounded pretty good. 

Write you next week,

Elder Rogers

Monday, December 15, 2014

The Holy Ghost Changes Lives

This is a picture of me and my campanion Elder Ashcraft. 
We took this picture in front of the church. 
The church that we go to is the stake center, so it is really big church for Uruguay
December 15, 2015
Hello Everybody
            How has your week been? This week has been pretty crazy for me, but by the end of the week it was nice and relaxing.
            This week we got a lot of less-active members to go to church it was so awesome to see them there at church. We also had a really cool experience with an investigator. So this investigator doesn`t really like the church that much and she goes to another church, but her brother in law (who is a member) made her promise to go to church just once. So she said she would. She said that she would about a month ago and so we thought she wasn`t going to go anymore. But this week she came.  Me and my comp were so excited and we asked her about the church after and she said that she really liked it and she felt peace and so now we are going to start teaching her. 
            It is so amazing how much we can feel the Holy Ghost in the church and how once people go to church they can feel that peace and love of God. 
Have a great week!!!!
Elder Rogers
Here is a picture of just some clouds here in Uruguay.  Here the sky is so
awesome it is so big and really blue. The sky looks a lot bigger because there
are no mountains and there are no really big buildings where I am at, so
the sky looks so much bigger than it does in Utah.


Monday, December 8, 2014

It’s Hot, Hot, Hot

This is a picture of Tatiana and her mom.  She got baptized a couple of months ago. 
She is going to go on a vacation and so we took a picture before she left.
December 7, 2014

            Hey everybody how are you all doing?   So this week it is starting to get hot, hot, hot and in Uruguay it is really humid, especially a couple of days before it rains. It is supposed to rain in a couple of days and so right now it is crazy hot. 

            So last week me and my companion bought a chivito (the picture is at the bottom) they are really good.  It is basically like a giant hamburger; it has lettuce, tomato, mayo, meat, and bacon and all of that good stuff, haha. 

            Me and Elder Ashcraft (my companion) are doing really well.  We are getting to know each other a lot better and a couple of things that we have in common are we love sports, especially football and basketball, so we talk about that a lot. He has 17 months on the mission and is from Nampa, Idaho. 

            So an interesting thing about Uruguay is they love mayo, like crazy love it.  So with almost every meal people eat mayo.  For example a lot of times when you have rice and meat you add mayo to it. Or if you eat a milanesa (like deep fried hamburger or chicken) you always add mayo. So ya that’s about it for this week.  Not a ton happened, haha. But anyways..... Have a great week!!!

Elder Rogers

This ia Chivito

Monday, December 1, 2014

Are You Ready for Christmas?

Are you ready for Christmas?

December 1, 2014

            Hey how are you all doing?  So this week me and my companion have been working crazy hard and we are just always working and trying to get better at teaching together.

             This week we found this lady on the street and we started talking to her and she was speaking Portunal (Portuguese and spanish together). It was so weird because even though it is basically a different language me and my companion could understand like generally what she was saying, so that was pretty cool and my companion is going to try and learn Portuguese so it will be cool to talk with her.

            Today it is raining like crazy the streets are flooded and it is pouring hard. Haha.  The past couple of days it has been so hot because of the humidity.  The humidity is like the water in the air and in Uruguay a couple of days before it rains it gets way humid here and it gets way hot.

            So how was everybody’s Thanksgiving.  Here they don´t celebrate Thanksgiving so it was just a normal day for us. We actually fasted on Thanksgiving haha.  Me and my companion were thinking we must be some of the only people that are fasting today, haha,

            Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving, write you next week

Elder Rogers

My Christmas chain