Monday, April 25, 2016

God’s Tender Mercies

April 25, 2016

          So, this week was a really great week.  We have been starting to find a lot of new possibilities for people to get baptized in May. This week I learned a lot about God`s tender mercies.  For example, this week the ward council helped us a lot.  The ward council asked for us to visit some less-active part-member families and also some old investigators. We are also working a lot with the ward missionaries and they are so great. They have become auto sufficient.  We don`t have to invite them to go visit somebody or invite someone to church. They do it on their own and are really excited to be working in His work.
          I had an exchange this week.  It was so awesome.  We started talking about study plans and the different ways to study the scriptures. We had heard about how some people study the scriptures. So I decided to put my own study plan that is very similar. I have started reading the Book of Mormon in this way.  What I do is read a chapter like 1 Nephi 1 and after I read I go back and for every verse read all of the footnotes for every verse and then write my impressions in a journal. Even though it has taken a lot longer to read, I have been able to understand so much more about the Book of Mormon and how important it is to have the Bible and how well they work together to both testify of Christ.

          I hope you all have an amazing week,
Elder Rogers

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

My birthday chips & Salsa

April 18, 2016
Hey everybody,
          So yesterday was my birthday and it was alright, haha. It rained so much yesterday is was insane. But something super awesome is that I found salsa and chips woohoo!  They were really expensive but, I bought them anyways because I was like YOH2BM (you only have 2 birthdays on the mission). My companion even made me brownies, so we had those as well.
          With investigators, almost all of them fell through, but we are sure that God is preparing people for us to teach. We will just continue in his work and try the best we can. 
          Some of these photos are from last week when we went to the beach and the others of me with my chips and salsa. 
Love you guys,
Elder Rogers




Thursday, April 14, 2016

Zone Conference & Hamburgers

This week we went to the beach

April 11, 2016

          This week was pretty crazy.  We have been traveling a lot. First we had a concilio on Wednesday and then on Thursday we had zone conference with our mission president. We had to buy all the food for the zone, which was really crazy because here the food is really expensive. After looking at different restaurants, we decided that we needed to make food instead of buying it.

          So, we decided to make hamburgers, which was really crazy because after being in Montevideo (on Wednesday) until about 5:00, we got home at 6:30ish and started buying the food.  We bought 56 hamburgers for 24 people and we also had to buy, juice, cheese, lettuce, buns and some other stuff as well. Then we put the majority of the food in the house. Then on Thursday (the day of the conference) we started cooking the hamburgers at around 11:30 and we thought that it probably wouldn`t take that long to cook because on the box it says that it take 10 minutes for the hamburgers to cook in the oven. Well we put the hamburgers in the oven for 20 minutes and they were still not cooked. So we had to start frying them so we ended up eating lunch later then planned but everything worked out really well and we all had a good time at the conference.

          In the zone conference, we talked a lot about letting the investigators solve their own doubts and not just giving them the answers.  That is so important because when they have questions we can help them by finding the answers in the scriptures. Missionaries are not in the mission to just answer everybody's questions.  We are here to help people come unto Christ and find the answer in the scriptures.

          I had a really great week. I hope you have a great week as well.

Elder Rogers

Leaving Bella Italia

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

My New Area of El Bosque & General Conference

April 4, 2016

Hey everybody,
          I`m in El Bosque right now and this will almost certainly be my last area of my mission and I like it.  It is a really nice area a lot different from my last area haha. The house here is really nice and we are 30 minutes (walking) from the beach, so that is really cool. It hasn`t started to get cold yet. Sometimes it does get pretty warm. My new companion is Elder Perry and he is form North Carolina.  It is pretty crazy but I have been in the same zone as him twice and we have had a lot of intercambios. 

          Here in El Bosque we have some pretty good investigators.  We have one who is named Tom├ás and his daughter named Nadia.  They are really great people. We have a baptism scheduled for the 16th of April and the confirmation on the 17th, which is my birthday, so that is going to be a pretty great day. I can`t believe I will be turning 20 years old.
          I really liked the General Conference.  There were so many good talks given. One that I really liked was by Elder Holland and he told us that God is willing to give us blessings if we are willing to try our best and if we have a desire to follow him.

          I hope you guys really enjoyed the General Conference.  Love you all,
Elder Rogers