Saturday, March 28, 2015

Changes – A Move to Malvin

March 28, 2015

            Well this week has been super crazy and I don´t have a ton of time to tell you all of what has happened lately.

            Well I haven´t written for a about a week and a half because I got called as a mission financer.  Now that I’m a financer of the mission our p-day are on Saturdays in the office, so from now on I will write on Saturdays. But anyways, the financers work with all of the money basically and just try to make sure everything in the mission runs smoothly. 

            I left Vergara. Sunday it was kind of sad, but I said goodbye to everybody.  We even had the baptism in the river Saturday.  We also have an awesome investigator that I had to leave but he did see the baptism in the river and we also ate lunch with him Saturday. It was also pretty crazy because I did have a talk planned for Sunday but we found out last minute that I had to be in Montevideo on Sunday So I packed all of my stuff and left on the bus at 4 in the morning to arrive in Montevideo.

             Right now my area is Malvin and it is super nice, and the ward is really strong. They usually have about 140 or so members that go to church, so that is a huge change for me because in Vergara it was  a lot less. Well I don´t have  a ton of time right now, but I hope you all have a good week and you guys should send me some pictures of what is happening in your lives and stuff. Thanks. Have a great week!

Elder Rogers


Monday, March 16, 2015

Temple Trip!!!

March 16, 2015

            Well we went to the temple last week and I loved it, I remember when I was in the MTC and we went once a week and then when I got in the mission we only go every 6 months. I definitely miss going every week but, it was so nice to be able to go again and it was also really awesome that I could do a name from my own genealogy line. 

            Right now in the ward we are trying to get some of the members to get more callings. Because we have the new branch president the stake president has been coming down a lot to try to help the branch president with all of the things that he need to do in the church. 

            This coming Saturday one of the member’s kids, Estring, is going to get baptized and because the branch president is new we are helping prepare Estring for his baptism and we are going to plan it and everything. In Vergara we don`t have a baptismal font so we usually go to the closest city and baptize there, but Estring`s mom says she wants him to get baptized in the lake so we are going to be baptizing in the lake in Vergara so that will be pretty awesome.

            Have a great week everybody!!!

Elder Rogers

Monday, March 9, 2015

Searching for Families and Priesthood Holders

Me and Elder Mendoza
March 9, 2015

       So this week we had a conference and Elder Vinas came and talked about the mission and how we can improve. He specifically talked about the Priesthood and the importance of having priesthood holders in the church. Here (in Uruguay) it is kind of problem there is a lack of priesthood holders and so he told us to try to work with the less active priesthood holders and try to help them get going back to church.

        This week we have been trying to look for more priesthood holders and in general for families. We haven´t had too much luck so far, but we are going to keep on working on that and try to help the branch out. 

        This week at church the stake president came down and also the president of the relief society because they want to start calling people as the president of the relief society, president of the primary and other callings. They talked with the members and are helping the people who will be the future presidents. 

            Here are some pictures of us taking pictures with some of the kids at the church and also me and my companion.

Hope you have a great week!!!

Elder Rogers

Thursday, March 5, 2015

A Busy Week

March 2, 2015

Hello Everybody!!!

            I have been super busy this week.  First we have been working with the new branch president to have people get callings in the branch, which means a lot of really long meetings and a lot of talking. But I really like it.  It is a lot of work, but helping rebuild a branch is very interesting. 

            We have been looking for people to teach like crazy, knocking doors and talking to everybody. A couple of days ago we found this lady and we gave her a pamphlet and told her we would pass by again. We went by and we started talking to her and she said she read the pamphlet and prayed about it and she felt really calm afterwards. We explained that, what she felt was the Holy Ghost and then we talked more about the gospel and it went really good.

            Today we played basketball.  It was super fun and I am really sore. I haven`t played basketball like that for a while, haha. We went to a church here that has glass backboards.  You might think glass backboards are normal but here they are very rare to find. 

Hope you have a great week!!!

Elder Rogers

Uruguay No Mas!

Our Last FHE
February 23, 2015

            Hey everybody, how are you guys doing?  Everything is all good down here in Uruguay. Well, this week has been pretty crazy; a lot of stuff has happened lately. 

            First, we got a new branch president, and he lives in our area of Vergara, so it will be a lot easier to be able to communicate and do the things we need to do in the ward and the ward seems really excited to start working and growing the ward as well. Even though the new branch president has only been a member for a year, I know he will do super-well and definitely help out the branch a bunch. 

            Well we got miracles down here in Vergara.  So what happened is me and my companion have been looking for new investigators like crazy talking to everybody, knocking doors and references and everything like that. But we haven`t been able to find anybody really firm. So what we did was fast Saturday to Sunday to find some good new investigators and we found a super firm investigator.  She is the sister of a really firm recent convert in the branch and we are planning on having our first sit down lesson with her on Wednesday. 

     I know the things that are important to us are also very important to the God and he can help us through anything if we have faith in him. Fasting brings blessings!!! Thanks for the emails.  You guys are awesome.


Elder Rogers

 So in Uruguay people graffiti words in English but they misspelled the words
so I thought it was pretty funny so I took a picture of it.