Thursday, March 5, 2015

Uruguay No Mas!

Our Last FHE
February 23, 2015

            Hey everybody, how are you guys doing?  Everything is all good down here in Uruguay. Well, this week has been pretty crazy; a lot of stuff has happened lately. 

            First, we got a new branch president, and he lives in our area of Vergara, so it will be a lot easier to be able to communicate and do the things we need to do in the ward and the ward seems really excited to start working and growing the ward as well. Even though the new branch president has only been a member for a year, I know he will do super-well and definitely help out the branch a bunch. 

            Well we got miracles down here in Vergara.  So what happened is me and my companion have been looking for new investigators like crazy talking to everybody, knocking doors and references and everything like that. But we haven`t been able to find anybody really firm. So what we did was fast Saturday to Sunday to find some good new investigators and we found a super firm investigator.  She is the sister of a really firm recent convert in the branch and we are planning on having our first sit down lesson with her on Wednesday. 

     I know the things that are important to us are also very important to the God and he can help us through anything if we have faith in him. Fasting brings blessings!!! Thanks for the emails.  You guys are awesome.


Elder Rogers

 So in Uruguay people graffiti words in English but they misspelled the words
so I thought it was pretty funny so I took a picture of it. 

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