Monday, March 9, 2015

Searching for Families and Priesthood Holders

Me and Elder Mendoza
March 9, 2015

       So this week we had a conference and Elder Vinas came and talked about the mission and how we can improve. He specifically talked about the Priesthood and the importance of having priesthood holders in the church. Here (in Uruguay) it is kind of problem there is a lack of priesthood holders and so he told us to try to work with the less active priesthood holders and try to help them get going back to church.

        This week we have been trying to look for more priesthood holders and in general for families. We haven´t had too much luck so far, but we are going to keep on working on that and try to help the branch out. 

        This week at church the stake president came down and also the president of the relief society because they want to start calling people as the president of the relief society, president of the primary and other callings. They talked with the members and are helping the people who will be the future presidents. 

            Here are some pictures of us taking pictures with some of the kids at the church and also me and my companion.

Hope you have a great week!!!

Elder Rogers

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