Thursday, April 14, 2016

Zone Conference & Hamburgers

This week we went to the beach

April 11, 2016

          This week was pretty crazy.  We have been traveling a lot. First we had a concilio on Wednesday and then on Thursday we had zone conference with our mission president. We had to buy all the food for the zone, which was really crazy because here the food is really expensive. After looking at different restaurants, we decided that we needed to make food instead of buying it.

          So, we decided to make hamburgers, which was really crazy because after being in Montevideo (on Wednesday) until about 5:00, we got home at 6:30ish and started buying the food.  We bought 56 hamburgers for 24 people and we also had to buy, juice, cheese, lettuce, buns and some other stuff as well. Then we put the majority of the food in the house. Then on Thursday (the day of the conference) we started cooking the hamburgers at around 11:30 and we thought that it probably wouldn`t take that long to cook because on the box it says that it take 10 minutes for the hamburgers to cook in the oven. Well we put the hamburgers in the oven for 20 minutes and they were still not cooked. So we had to start frying them so we ended up eating lunch later then planned but everything worked out really well and we all had a good time at the conference.

          In the zone conference, we talked a lot about letting the investigators solve their own doubts and not just giving them the answers.  That is so important because when they have questions we can help them by finding the answers in the scriptures. Missionaries are not in the mission to just answer everybody's questions.  We are here to help people come unto Christ and find the answer in the scriptures.

          I had a really great week. I hope you have a great week as well.

Elder Rogers

Leaving Bella Italia

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