Tuesday, April 19, 2016

My birthday chips & Salsa

April 18, 2016
Hey everybody,
          So yesterday was my birthday and it was alright, haha. It rained so much yesterday is was insane. But something super awesome is that I found salsa and chips woohoo!  They were really expensive but, I bought them anyways because I was like YOH2BM (you only have 2 birthdays on the mission). My companion even made me brownies, so we had those as well.
          With investigators, almost all of them fell through, but we are sure that God is preparing people for us to teach. We will just continue in his work and try the best we can. 
          Some of these photos are from last week when we went to the beach and the others of me with my chips and salsa. 
Love you guys,
Elder Rogers




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