Monday, December 15, 2014

The Holy Ghost Changes Lives

This is a picture of me and my campanion Elder Ashcraft. 
We took this picture in front of the church. 
The church that we go to is the stake center, so it is really big church for Uruguay
December 15, 2015
Hello Everybody
            How has your week been? This week has been pretty crazy for me, but by the end of the week it was nice and relaxing.
            This week we got a lot of less-active members to go to church it was so awesome to see them there at church. We also had a really cool experience with an investigator. So this investigator doesn`t really like the church that much and she goes to another church, but her brother in law (who is a member) made her promise to go to church just once. So she said she would. She said that she would about a month ago and so we thought she wasn`t going to go anymore. But this week she came.  Me and my comp were so excited and we asked her about the church after and she said that she really liked it and she felt peace and so now we are going to start teaching her. 
            It is so amazing how much we can feel the Holy Ghost in the church and how once people go to church they can feel that peace and love of God. 
Have a great week!!!!
Elder Rogers
Here is a picture of just some clouds here in Uruguay.  Here the sky is so
awesome it is so big and really blue. The sky looks a lot bigger because there
are no mountains and there are no really big buildings where I am at, so
the sky looks so much bigger than it does in Utah.


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