Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas is Coming

December 22, 2014

            So.... Christmas is next week; that is so crazy. The time is just flying by this year. It doesn´t feel much like Christmas here probably just because it is so hot, haha. 

            So for Christmas it is basically just a normal work day for us except that we get to skype!!! The parties and stuff are on Christmas Eve here. Christmas Eve is a lot bigger here than Christmas. 

            So for Christmas Eve we are going to go to a family party at the house of a member at around 7 o clock then at 10:30 we will be home and that night will watch fireworks until around 12:30. Here that’s what they do for Christmas Eve is fireworks.  They don´t give out presents until kings day which is the 6th of January.

            This week we had a Christmas Conference that was really good/ For the Christmas conference every zone on the mission prepared songs to sing at the Christmas conference. Some of the zones sounded really good. Our zone sang a Christmas song, I thought we sounded pretty good. 

Write you next week,

Elder Rogers

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