Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Changes – I’m moving to El Bosque


March 29, 2016
Hey everybody, 

          We had changes this week and I am leaving Bella Italia and I`m going to El Bosque, which is right on the beach. The only problem is we are approaching winter here so it is going to be really cold in my area. It is really sad to leave Bella Italia. I love this area and I`m going to miss it a lot. But I am also really excited to go to El Bosque. I have heard it is a really strong ward.
          We had a really good lesson this week with Adrian and Jessica.  They are really excited to learn more about our church. They really like to ask questions, which is really great.  I love it because I can tell it is something really important to them.

          We found a couple of new investigators this week that seem pretty interested. Sorry I didn`t write that big of an email, but I don`t have a lot of time. So, anyways, love you guys. Have a great week.
Elder Rogers

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