Tuesday, January 19, 2016

1st Week in Bell Italia

January 18, 2015

Hey Everybody,

Hey are you all doing? I`m doing really good down here in Bella
Italia.  Bella Italia is located in the city of Montevideo.  Even though
it is the city, there are not a lot of tall buildings but there are a lot
of apartments and smaller houses. It gets pretty hot here but I am
pretty sure that San Jose was hotter.

My new companion is Elder Pierce.  He is from San Diego, California
and he loves to surf, play soccer and volleyball. We get along really
well.  We are really excited to be able to work together.

We had a miracle this week. Rosari (one of the investigators that
we were recently teaching) went to church this week! We invited her to
get baptized the 6th of Feburary and she said she would, so we are
really excited for her. Rosario is a very good person.  She has been
listening to a lot of religions lately and feels kind of lost. So it
is good that we found her right in this moment in her life because the
gospel can help her find what she is looking for and not be lost

Love you guys,

Elder Rogers

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