Wednesday, June 22, 2016

My Last Week

My Zone
June 21, 2016

Hey everybody,

          I`m doing really well.  I feel really weird though.  I can`t believe that today and tomorrow are my last days in Uruguay. It is crazy to think that my mission is already finished.  I have learned so many things here on the mission. 

          I don`t know how I can explain my mission in just one letter, but I`ll try to give a brief message.  I am so grateful for this opportunity that I have had to serve a mission and to be able to help people know more about the gospel.  I am also really grateful for all of the gifts that God has given me that I have been able to develop.  I know that everybody has so many gifts that God can help us develop.

          One of the biggest gifts that has changed me is ability to serve other people and to love them. I have been able to see such a big change that has happened to me over time by serving people.  I have learned to stop just thinking about myself. I know that I`m going to miss the people here and all of the things they do. I`ll see you guys soon.  Love you guys, 

Elder Rogers

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