Monday, January 12, 2015

Hello Everybody

January 12, 2015

            How is everybody? How was your week?

            So this week we had a holiday called Dia de los Reyes and it means “day of the kings.” It is celebrated on January 6th.  What they do for this holiday is the kings give the children presents (so basically like Santa Clause but instead it is kings).  A lot of kids here have their new toys and everything.

            It is kind of weird being in a different area than my other area, but I´m getting used to it now. My area isn´t huge, so I´m starting to learn where everything is. We have been focusing really hard on trying to get families to go to church and also work on Family Home Evenings. It is crazy—when I got here we didn´t even have a Primary, Elder Araya and I have been working really hard on trying to get more young people to go to church and this week we did pretty good. We had almost as many people in Primary as we did in all of the other classes. With the Family Home Evenings we have been trying to invite as many people as we can to try to get the members closer and become better friends.

            Today we played soccer with some members and some investigators and it is so weird because as missionaries in South America we can walk all day but when it comes to running, that is a different story. We run out of energy pretty fast, especially when it is so hot outside. It was really fun to play and just have a good time. 

            Hope you guys all have a great week and I´ll write you next week!!!

Elder Rogers


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