Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Transfer to Vergada

Cbristmas in Melo
January 5, 2015
          How was everybody’s New Years Eve? Mine was very relaxing  just watching fireworks and stuff. So we had changes last week and now I am in a place called 33, the actual city I am in is called Vergada.  It is a small town.
          So I left Melo.  It was hard to say bye to everybody but, I don´t know it’s weird that I was sad and happy at the same time. It is sad to say goodbye to everybody but I felt like it was time to leave Melo. 
          Vergada is a lot like my last area I am still kind of close to Brazil and still really close to my last area. So Vergada is a small town for sure.  We have about 12 or so active members, and here it is really hot and humid. 
          Here in Vergada we have been focusing on family home evenings and trying to get families to go to church. We also are doing a challenge reading a chapter in The Book of Mormon every day until July or so. We are sure that is going to help the ward out a ton and we will have more spiritual strength here.
Have a Great Week!!!
Elder Rogers 

This is the asado I was talking about last week

Cooking the asado

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