Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Rosario Gets Baptized!

The Mission Conference
February 8, 2016

Hey Everybody,

          This week was amazing! Rosario got baptized this Saturday, Woohoo!  It was so amazing to see the change that she has made.  She is really excited to follow the gospel. Something else awesome happened as well.  Her daughter went to church and she really liked it so we are going to see if she wants to hear the lessons.

          We also had some other investigators in church, Loreley and Alicia.  They are mother and daughter. Alicia (the daughter) was visiting her friend in another city a couple hours away and her friend invited her to church and she liked it, so she decided to go to church and showed up with her mom. They are really great people and have a lot of faith in Christ.  They have heard from a lot of different religions so they are a little confused, but the Lord will help them figure things out.

         We had a really fun zone activity today.  We played volleyball and ate watermelon.  Well, I hope you all have a great week.

Love you guys,

Elder Rogers

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