Monday, October 13, 2014

Hola From Uruguay

October 13, 2014


            This week has been pretty good even though it has rained a ton here. It is so weird; here it was really hot a couple of weeks ago and now it is pretty cold and wet. I am really glad that I brought some waterproof shoes because down here when it rains, it rains.

            There has been so many crazy things happening this week, it is just crazy.  But some of the things that are really good are that right now we have like 3 really good investigators and about 2 more that we are working with some more. We might even be baptizing this 60 to 70 year0old guy named Armando next week.

            Just recently we had cambios (or transfers) for this week.  We have cambios every 6 weeks. Cambios is when you find out if you are going to get a new companion or leave your area. In my mission, the average amount of time a missionary is in an area is 3 cambios so about 18 weeks. Usually you will be with a companion for 1 or 2 changes. So what happened to me is I am still in the same place, Melo, and I am staying with my same companion, Elder Mata.  I was expecting that I was going to stay because I have only been here for one change (6 weeks), and I am really happy that I am staying here because I really like my area.

            One thing that is kind of sad here is that when it rains in Uruguay on Sunday, the church attendance drops in half, it is so different than the states, ha ha.  Hardly anyone has cars and a lot of people have to walk or they take a motorcycle or moped. So when it rains they don`t want their kids to get sick from the cold and they don`t come. But we still got two investigators to church, so that was a big plus. We also had some less-active people that haven`t been to church for a while so that was really cool.

            I hope you all have a great week and don`t have too much fun.


Elder Rogers 

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