Tuesday, October 7, 2014

General Conference was Awesome!

October 7, 2014


            This week was awesome!  We had an awesome General Conference. I felt like it was given directly to me.  One really cool thing about the General Conference was that I got to watch it in English, so that was really awesome, I heard that some missionaries in my mission didn´t get to because the church they were in didn´t have it in English.

            One of the speakers in the conference was from Uruguay.  That was so cool. We were all super excited to hear him talk and it was also awesome that he went on a mission here in Uruguay as well. He actually lives in our mission in a place called Venus I think.

            Another really cool thing they did with conference was that some of the speakers spoke in their native tongue. That was really awesome for the members down here to hear a general authority or a member of the Seventy, speak in Spanish. That was so cool they did that.

            One talk I really liked a lot was Elder Bednar´s talk because he spoke mostly to investigators or nonmembers who were listening to General Conference.  We had an investigator at Conference and he really liked it.  I think he said his favorite talk was Elder Bednar´s.

            General Conference is awesome and I learned so much more this General Conference than I have in all the other ones that I have watched previously. I hope you all have a good week.

Elder Rogers

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