Monday, September 29, 2014

My First Two Baptisms!

Alison with Elder Mata and me
 September 29, 2014

How is it going everybody?

          So this week has been so crazy, we have been working crazy hard and something super awesome happened, I got my first baptism!!! It was such a cool experience!  The 
picture is of a girl named Alison and she is 8 years old and her mom is a member but her dad isn´t so we taught her the lessons. We had that baptismal service at 12:30 right after church, and she was baptized by the other companionship in our area because we had a baptismal service together (they had a baptism also) and it was a lot easier for one of them to do it.

          The older girl is Tatiana and she is 14 years old and she is super awesome. We have been teaching her for around a month and her mother is a member and her dad is not a member. For her, we had the baptismal service at 3 o clock on Sunday and her uncle baptized her and he was baptized like only 4 months or so ago. Super awesome experience I am so glad we could share the message of the restored gospel with her.

         So next week is General Conference!!!! I'm so excited for that; it is going to be so awesome. I am pretty positive that I get to watch it in English, so that is really exciting. It is so awesome that we have a prophet and apostles in these latter days.  It is so important to me. It is so important that we do because if we didn´t, we would be totally lost.
       Last thing:  I got to try cow stomach and it was pretty gross, I am not going to lie. It is basically like the fat part of a steak like the really chewy part and that is all you are eating.

      So I hope you all have a great week and next week my p day is on Tuesday, so I won’t write until Tuesday next week.

 Elder Rogers

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