Monday, September 1, 2014

I’m Here in Uruguay!

September 1, 2014

Proverbs 25:25

            I made it to Uruguay safely, ha ha I cannot believe that I am actually here; it is super cool.
            So I am in the city Melo it is pretty decent sized not too big and not too small.  The people here are really nice. Melo is like 5 to 6 hours away from the capital, Montevideo, so I am kind of out in the boonies ha ha. But I like it a lot. I am near the Brazilian border.  It is super awesome. Most of the people that live here have lived here their whole lives.

            The food here is good.  For lunch I think I have had noodles and meat or soup with noodles and meat almost every day. But I like it, so I am good with it.  But there is one thing that I have a problem with here—they don´t eat dinner!!!!  I thought that was crazy, but they will only have like a really small meal or just a snack. But the lunches are big, so that definitely helps.
            The weather here is good.  When I first got here in the night I thought I was going to freeze to death, ha ha.  But now it is starting to warm up. The afternoons are really nice, but the nights can be pretty chilly.

            My new companion is Elder Malta; he is from Orem, Utah but his parents are from Mexico, so when we got put together I thought that he didn´t know any English and I was kind of freaking out a bit. But he speaks perfect English and Spanish. He told me before the mission that he was already fluent in Spanish.
            In my mission, we don´t have cars or bikes—we walk, ha ha, I like it though.  It is really good exercise. I never realized how much missionaries here walk.  We walk a lot, everywhere and our area is pretty decent-sized.

            Well I hope you guys all had a good summer and for all those of you who are going to school right now, good luck.


Elder Rogers

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