Monday, September 8, 2014

Uruguay Is Awesome!

September 8, 2014

            Uruguay is really awesome! The members are too.  We get fed almost every day for lunch and it blows my mind how most of the people that feed us are inactive. But we are trying to work on that, haha.
            So in my room there is me and Elder Mata and the zone leaders also live in our room. Their names are Elder Lacey and Elder Contrerras (I think that is how you spell it), Elder Lacey is from New Mexico and is going to play football at BYU.  I think he is a wide receiver. Elder Conrtrerras is from Chile.

            My Spanish has been going along so so (haha).  It is a lot harder than I thought to learn a language, but I am gradually learning. The people here speak a lot different than in Argentina.  They seem to change subjects all of the time so it is really hard to follow what they are saying because they don’t stay on the same subject.  But I am starting to get used to it.
            I have this pretty cool story.  So one day me and Elder Mata were walking home from an open church (an open church it is usually on a Saturday and all nonmembers can go inside and look around and the missionaries are there to talk about the areas of the church).  It was pretty far away.  When we were walking we saw this crazy lightning storm. It was insane, I kid you not. There was lightning going every 30 seconds just everywhere and me and Elder Mata looked and it was approaching our area, so we started speed walking and trying to get to our area. There is lightning coming down all around us, everywhere. The thunder was shaking the ground.  It was so cool, but so scary. But we arrived safely in our apartment so I thought that was pretty cool.

            Have a great day!!!!


Elder Rogers

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