Monday, September 15, 2014

2nd Week in Uruguay

This is me holding a machete

September 15, 2014

         So this week has been really fun.  We have been trying to get a lot more teenagers going to church. The missionarys before me started doing mutual. It's really cool, but the problem is that there are like no girls going so me and Elder Mata have been trying to get more of the girls to go. 

         So for Mutual last week we played ping pong and down here in South America ping pong is really big.  A lot of people play it. I didn't realize how much mutual can help people go to church, or just less-actives to go back to church. We actually have two kids named Julian and Lucas; they are 9 and 11. Their Uncle is the guy who is with us when we do mutual and they aren't members.  We have started to teach them and they are super cool. Most of the kids that go to mutual are 12 to 18, but since their uncle helps us we are happy to let them come, they have already been to church twice!!!

          The weather down here has actually not been that great, ha ha, It has rained for almost a week straight and it can be really cold sometimes. But it blows my mind how when it is cold no one is outside and for instance this week they canceled mutual because it was raining, I thought that was so weird because in the states that would never happen. But here a lot of people drive motorcycles or walk, so it makes sense.

         I hope you all have a great week.


Elder Rogers


This is my campanion Elder Mata

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