Thursday, August 21, 2014

Last Full Week at the CCM

August 21, 2014

            Last week we just got some new awesome Latinos in my room. One is from Brazil and speaks Portuguese (I never know what he is saying because it is quite different from Spanish) and the other is from Peru and he is an amazing beat boxer; he is so good.  They both know like only a few words in English so it is pretty good practice. 

            When proselyting, we stopped at a little bakery. It was super cool.  We went inside and there were some cakes and a bunch of treats and stuff. So I bought some of these chocolate-covered caramel mini pie things.  They were so good and they only cost like 60 cents (U.S. dollars), and in the U.S. I bet the same thing would have cost at least $2. When it comes to food, at least from what I have seen, the food is cheaper here. I was also talking to a guy from Uruguay at the CCM and he told me that the Argentina food is a lot like Uruguay.

            This week all of the Elders got haircuts, so there is a guy at the CCM that can cut your hair and it literally takes like a minute and a half and he basically does the same hair cut for everyone, but it´s crazy how fast he could do it.

            I leave for Uruguay this coming Tuesday at like 4 in the morning. So I won’t be able to email until next Monday and from then on my P-days will be every Monday in the mission field.

            I hope you guys all have a great summer and thanks for all of the emails. 


Elder Rogers

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