Thursday, August 14, 2014

Huge Proselyting Success This Week

August 14, 2014

        This week at the CCM has been pretty fun.  When we went proselyting last week, we started talking to this guy and we asked if he had time to listen to our message and he said he couldn't because he was going to a game.  We asked if we could walk with him and talk at the same time. He said sure.  We were walking with him and telling him a little bit about the gospel and then we got to this building and we walked in and there were all of these 11 year-old kids that were playing indoor soccer. They were so good and there were around 30-40 parents watching the game.  We later found out from the guy that took us there that his brother was the coach of the team. It was crazy; everybody there was so into it.  They were screaming and yelling; it was so fun.

        With proselyting we had some awesome numbers this week we got 46 contacts, 13 references, 9 lessons and 2 baptism invitations.  People were really receptive of the gospel today and we have learned how to listen better to the investigators and try to get them talking more. I'm starting to understand them (their Spanish) a lot more. Over here in Argentina people say that they speak Castellano (basically Spanish but they use Vosotros and pronounce things differently).

        The group of Latinos left Tuesday. My Latino roommates were Elder Rojas (he was from Chile) and Elder Ruiz Diaz who is from Argentina. They were super cool to meet and with the group of Latinos we got to talk to some guys from Uruguay and ask them how it was. They said it is a lot like Argentina but it is more humid in the summer and colder in the winter. All I have at the CCM is 2 weeks left for my mission. It’s crazy, how time goes here; I feel like I haven’t been here very long but I also feel like I have been here for a long time. I hope you have a good summer (it is crazy that is almost over).


Elder Rogers

P.S.  If you want to send me anything my mission home address is:

Elder Rogers
Dalmiro Costa 4635 Bis
11400 Montevideo

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