Thursday, August 7, 2014

1st Week at the Argentina MTC (CCM)

July 24, 2014


           I arrived at the CCM (MTC) a day late I was actually supposed to fly out Wednesday morning and get there by Thursday morning. What actually happened is we arrived at the airport Thursday morning and the ticket lady said my flight was yesterday. So they got us new tickets and flew me to Argentina and I got there by Friday morning.

            My companions are Elder Wilson and Elder Udy. Elder Wilson is from Georgia and is into computers and stuff. Elder Udy is from Idaho and likes football and baseball. In our district there are 12 people: 9 boys and 3 girls. Half of them are from Utah and the rest are from Idaho, Arizona, Wyoming and Georgia.  In our room there are six beds and so in the other three beds that me and my companions aren’t in there are three Latinos.  One is from Chile, Elder Valenzuela and two are from Peru, Elder Orihuela (reminds me a lot of Adrian) and Elder Ponte. Elder Wilson kind of has a baby face and kind of looks like Justin Beiber, so all of the Latinos call him Justin Beiber or Elder Beiber; it’s pretty funny.

            Here at the CCM we don´t stop working very often. We study for around 11 hours a day and the only breaks we get are physical time, breakfast, lunch and dinner and prep time. But physical activity is when we play court soccer and we always play gringos (white people) vs. Latinos and we win every time. We have some good futbol players here. One of the guys in my district is going to play division 1 futbol. Our district is the only people from the U.S. that speaks English and is learning Spanish. The only missionaries that go here are people that get called to Paraguay, Asuscion (city and north) and Uruguay, Montevideo (city and west).

            The food here is really good they make it every day and the chef here is really good. We mainly just have Argentina authentic food that is amazing. But every once in a while they will cook U.S. food and it is pretty gross. Like Sunday we had hamburgers and they were cooked on one side and the other side was really pink but we were all starving so we had to eat it anyway. In Argentina they eat a lot of bread so with lunch and dinner we always have like two or three pieces of bread--I love it! You just dip your bread in the food and it tastes awesome.
            Today is P Day and this is the day we get go to the temple. The CCM is on the same grounds is the temple; it is literally like 100 yards away. It is awesome-looking, especially at night. The Buenos Aires temple reminds me of like an elf structure on The Lord of the Rings. I am really excited to go to the temple, but the only problem is we have to do all of the stuff in Spanish and the whole entire movie will also be in Spanish. I would like to tell you more but I don´t have a lot of time so email back and I’ll try to email you.


Elder Rogers

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