Thursday, August 7, 2014

Proselyting on the Streets of Argentina

August 7, 2014

            The time here is starting to go by faster than the previous weeks, It’s weird here; the weeks feel like days and the days feel like weeks—that is the best way I can explain it. 

         So our CCM lets us go proselyting after 2 weeks at being at the CCM.  We go every Saturday and so last Saturday was my first time.  So how proselyting works is we take about a 30-45 minute bus ride to a certain area and we knock on doors and try to talk to people for about 4-5 hours. They give each companionship a certain area on the map and a lunch and basically say go at it. We got a total of 31 contacts (we tell them we are missionaries and talk with them a little bit). We taught 8 lessons (we give them one of our lessons about the gospel), 1 baptism invitation, and got into 1 house. 

         So at right when the bus drops us off, we go outside and start trying to find our area. We were definitely in the lower income area (kind of sketchy), every house had a big fence right in front of their house and so a lot have doorbells and others don’t but with the ones that don’t have a doorbell you have to clap in front of their house (kind of strange).  So we start ringing some doorbells and really nobody answers or they don't want to talk to us, but then we meet this guy and he was around 25 and he had a Mohawk and he was missing some teeth, but he was super cool and really nice.  But the only problem was that he was speaking like 100 words a minute (and we can barely understand Spanish) so we just nod our heads and said yes a lot. I could pick up a few of his words every once in a while. 

          So after that we kept on talking to other people then a few hours later we met Patricia, Patricia owned a clothing shop, and we walked by her and asked her if she needed any help. She said no but we just started talking to her and she invited us into her shop. So we went in and started talking to her.  She seemed really interested in the gospel.  We explained the Book of Mormon to her and she understood what we were saying, then something amazing happened.  While Elder Udy started looking for a scripture, Elder Wilson started bearing his testimony and she started to cry. She told us that she has gone to a lot of churches and she hasn't felt the spirit in them but she was feeling it now. It hit me like a bag of bricks; the spirit was so strong in there. She told us that she is going to go to church and that she will read 3 Nephi:11, but she didn't understand that we weren't going to be there because there was a big language barrier so we couldn't explain it to her, but I think everything will work out.

          I know that the God has people that are ready to receive the gospel and that we just have to go and find them and through the Holy Ghost the spirit can touch anyone.


Elder Rogers


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