Thursday, August 7, 2014

2nd Week at the CCM

July 31, 2014

          It has been a pretty crazy week, all of the missionaries except the ones in our district left Tuesday. So our district was the only district left. So for about two days there were only 12 people in the whole entire CCM. All of the new Americans and Latinos come tomorrow. All of the Latinos are only here for 2 weeks and they usually go to Argentina or somewhere close.

           I got to use a bidet that was pretty life changing haha. A bidet is the toilet that squirts up water and you use it instead of wiping. It actually is not that bad; I guess a lot of people from Argentina use them here.

           The temple was really cool even though I didn’t understand most of it because it was ALL in Spanish! But it was still pretty cool, we go to the temple today, we go every Thursday. Starting Saturday we get to start proselyting every Saturday. I’m really excited for that I guess they drop us off at the someplace for like 4-5 hours and we either do street contact or go knocking on doors and try to get references for the missionaries that are serving here.

           I think our district is learning Spanish pretty well for only being here for two weeks. All of the teachers [are natives] here so that we are a lot farther along in Spanish than any of the other American groups that they have had. It is a lot different learning Spanish at the CCM than it was learning it at school, because here everything is gospel related and when I was at school all I knew was a lot different vocab. So I think now I have gotten the religious vocab down, which helps a lot. I can speak Spanish pretty well, but listening, that’s a different story because the people here slur their words together and we just shake our heads and tell them we know very little Spanish. Then they slow it down a lot and then we can understand them. It is really fun talking to the local people that are walking by the CCM when we are playing futbol during our break. Everybody here is super sad that Argentina didn’t win the world cup. Soccer is huge over here everybody loves it. I’m glad I know a little about it.

Elder Rogers

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