Monday, October 27, 2014

Voting is Over!

October 27, 2014

            So this week has been pretty awesome. One thing that I am very happy about is that vorint is over, haha. Voting here is crazy. Here it is required to vote. The presidents that run get paid for every vote they receive, so for the past month here we have heard the same music (music that they use for the candidates) over and over again. All the missionaries know it by heart because we have all heard it so much.  So I am very excited that it is over.

            So one really cool thing that has happened this week is we got some really good lunches this week I don´t know why, but the lunches have been so good. I am so glad that most of the time we get fed by members because if we didn´t our lunches would get pretty boring.
            Last Monday me, my companion, and the zone leaders that live in the same house with us all went to Acegua, Brazil. It’s so cool we can go there because that is part of our zone. Our zone only has a little town in it. To get to Acegua, it is about a 50 minute bus ride. We went to Acegua and ate some really good food, then we went shopping there (because Brazil is a lot cheaper than Uruguay), I bought stuff so I could cut my hair. I´m going to cut my own hair today so I´ll see how that works out.

            Have a great week!!!!!

Elder Rogers

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