Tuesday, November 4, 2014


November 3, 2014

            Hello everybody how are you guys? So this week has been a pretty good week. 

            So this week was Halloween; that just seems so weird to me.  Here Halloween is not very big at all, :( We didn´t see one house with decorations and really only the little kids go trick or treating. The sad thing about trick or treating here though is very very few houses give candy.  It is usually just stores and they only give them like hard candies that cost like a couple of cents. My companion and I tell the people here about Halloween in the states and they all say they wish it was like that here.

            So last week we had a multi zone conference. It was awesome. The president of the mission and his assistants come to our zone to share messages with us and stuff. When they came up here they focused a lot on teaching tithing and the word of wisdom, because they can be really hard to teach sometime. We focused a lot on promised blessings if they follow these commandments and it´s true. It’s weird how tithing can help us so much, we talked a lot about little stuff like because you pay tithing doesn´t mean you automatically get a pay raise a lot of times it´s the smaller things. Like less medical bills and stuff like that.

            We also talked about the word of wisdom because that´s hard for a lot of people.  Smoking is something a lot of people do here, so it is hard for them to stop, but if we teach by the spirit and let them know how much better their life can be, it will be a lot easier for them to stop.

            But anyways I hope you all have a great week and don´t eat all your Halloween candy too fast. 


Elder Rogers


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