Monday, November 24, 2014

Breakfast for Dinner


November 24, 2014

            Hey how are you all doing?   I´m doing great.  So last week was changes and I am with my new companion now, Elder Ashcraft.  It was sad to see Elder Mata go, but it seems likes me and Elder Ashcraft will get a long pretty well. Elder Ashcraft likes football and basketball and he is from Idaho and has about 16 months on the mission.

            Something really awesome that happened recently is we got basketball rims. Before then all we had was a basketball backboard, but just recently they installed rims, so me and Elder Ashcraft go and play basketball a lot in the morning. It´s really fun, but the only problem is the rims are smaller, so it is harder to make baskets and also the hoop is lower so I can almost dunk it, haha.

            We did a really awesome activity (all the missionaries did) this week.  We had breakfast (from the U.S.) for dinner. It was really awesome I taught everybody how to make pancakes. There was also orange juice, eggs and because syrup doesn´t exist here we made like a fruity topping syrup-like stuff and it was really good. Everybody seemed to like the food from the United States.

            This week has been kind of crazy. We have been working super hard and have been talking to a ton of people. I hope you all have a great week and talk to you next week.

Elder Rogers

Elder Mata and me


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