Monday, February 2, 2015

A Hard Week

Our District
February 2, 2015

            This week has been kind of hard, we have been talking to a ton of people but we haven`t been finding a lot of people lately. But it does make us work harder and I know we will find more people if we just keep working hard and keep listening to the spirit.

            So we have a recent convert that has been out of town for about 2 weeks, and we finally had a lesson with her and she is really excited to go back to church and read the scriptures. We are super excited for her.  She is super firm0member; she always wants to learn more. 

            Lately we have been talking to a lot of people that have had some very sad things happen in their life like loved ones that have died. It is something very sad, but we know through the atonement that we can all feel better and receive peace. One thing that is very amazing to me is that God gave his son, Jesus Christ, and it must have been really hard for him to watch him suffer, especially because he has so much power and he could have helped him. But he knew that it is part of the plan and Jesus had to die and suffer for our sins.

            Hope you all have a great week.  This is a photo of me and my area.  The area isn`t actually that bad.  There are around 4000 people that live here. We just took the picture close to some fields.

Elder Rogers

My new area

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