Sunday, April 12, 2015

Conference was Awesome!

A visit to Burger King
April 10, 2015

Well this week was really awesome.  First we had General Conference which was so good; there were so many great talks.  Some of my favorite ones where the talks from Elder Holland, Uchtdorf and Eyring of course.  They were all really great. 

The talk that Elder Uchtdorf gave about how a lot of times we think we are a lot better than we really are hit me because, especially on the mission, I think I am doing good, but I could do better.  So yeah, I really liked that talk.

This week has been pretty hectic because last week was Easter and here in Uruguay, Easter is when everybody takes their vacations, so basically everything was closed (like stores and banks).  This week we have a ton of stuff to do that we couldn't do the week before.  But now we are basically caught up so that is great.

Well hope you all have a great week!


Elder Rogers 

P.S. I now live in the city of Montevideo so we have like Burger King and stuff but it is a lot more expensive here than in the states.


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