Saturday, April 4, 2015

Missionary Life Working in the Mission Office

April 3, 2015

            So the mission now for me is a little different how we work.  Instead of walking in the dirt streets, now I´m in Montevideo in a really nice area. I´m in the bigger part of the city and I´m only like 20 minutes or so from the temple. 

            My schedule has changed a little in the offices.  We work in the offices from 10 to about 4 or 5, then we come back at night at around 7 or 8 and work in the offices a little bit more. I really like it, but it is definitely different than what I am used to. Something also that has changed is the food because I´m in the city there are a lot of different places that we can go to like McDonalds, haha. But we usually don´t go because here the prices are really different and it is super expensive.

            Easter and General Conference are this week and I am super-excited to be able to watch General Conference.  There are going to be some awesome talks given and I don´t know what it is but Conference is so awesome as a missionary.  Of course it is really great watching it and not being a missionary, but I don´t know what it is but it is different.  Also, if you guys haven´t seen the Easter video that the church made this year you need to see it.  It is amazing.

            Have a great Conference!!!!

Elder Rogers

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