Saturday, June 27, 2015

Helping Investigators Find Answers

June 27, 2015

     Well this week we had a multi-zone conference.  We had 4 zones or about 70 missionaries and we had a conference with the President of our mission and the assistants. It was a really great conference we talked a lot about using the Book of Mormon more in our lessons, not just with investigators but with all of the people that we teach. During the conference we also talked a lot about how important it is that when the investigators have questions about doctrine we shouldn´t just give them the answers.  We should help them find the answers through the Book of Mormon, inspired questions, etc. When we help them find the answers to their own questions, they understand everything a lot better and can have greater testimonies.

       Our investigator, Nilda is learning a lot about the gospel and also remembering things that she had forgotten (because she was an old investigator of the church).  She has gone to church the past two weeks and I can tell she is already starting to be more happy in life.  Another thing that is so great to see, is how the ward is getting excited for her because she starting to go back to church again and that she is going to get baptized in a couple of weeks.  The majority of the ward already knows her because she went to church for a year straight. We are really excited that she wants to learn more about the gospel and she wants to change her life.

       Well, hope you all have a great week,

Elder Rogers

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