Sunday, July 12, 2015

Family History Presentation

July 11, 2015

     Well this week we had to run and go all over the place.  We had to do a couple of trips to a city named Ciudad Vieja (an old city) a lot, due to a couple of small emergency and it was just kind of a crazy but fun week.

     Well on Tuesday we had a zone conference and me and my companion, Elder Cruz, taught a presentation on how to talk about family history and the Book of Mormon on the street. It went really well.  To prepare ourselves to teach it, we went and tried to talk to people on the street, but we only used family history pamphlets that we had and Books of Mormon.  At first we didn´t have very much success and then we finally talked to someone that was interested. We started out by talking about the family and then about our ancestors and we tied that back to the Book of Mormon.  It was a really great experience I learned a lot. I could feel the presence of the spirit of Elijah when we were talking with her, so then on Tuesday we were able to help people learn what we had learned.

     Thanks for all of your emails this week.  Hope you all have a great week.

Elder Rogers


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