Saturday, July 18, 2015

I Hit My One Year Mark Yesterday; Nilda’s Baptism

Arroz Con Leche
July 18, 2015
         Well some of you might know, but yesterday I hit the 1 year mark on the mission.   Wow it is so crazy how time flies and the amount of things that I have learned in just one year is amazing. I love the mission and having the opportunity to serve other people and trying to help others.  I have felt the joy of helping others come unto Christ and learn about him. 
         So our investigator, Nilda, is getting baptized today so that is pretty exciting.  She is probably one of the most prepared investigators that I have had the opportunity to teach. So the story with Nilda was she was an investigator for a about a year.  She always went to church but she couldn´t get baptized due to some problems and about 3 months ago she stopped going to church and we tried visiting her but with her work schedule it was hard to find her and then one Sunday she showed up at the church and she said I want to get baptized. For that last month we have been teaching her about the gospel; she knows so much about the gospel and has a testimony that is so strong. Today is a very special day for her and she has been waiting for this moment for a long time.
           The photo is from last week when we made some arroz con leche, which in English is rice with milk. It was super good it. It is a super delicious dessert food.  It is pretty basic—just rice, a lot of milk, sugar and cinnamon, We put a cream on top as well.
Love you all,
Elder Rogers

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