Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Gospel Changes Lives

August 15, 2015

    Well this week was very similar to last week.  We have all of the temple conferences going on, so it is still pretty crazy we are running around everywhere. 

    Even though this week was pretty crazy, we were able to have a lesson with Nilda (a member that got baptized a couple of weeks ago) and it was a really good lesson. We talked about faith and baptism and we really focused on talking about after baptism and how important it is to endure to the end. During the lesson she bore her testimony about her baptism and how it has changed her life and how living the gospel has completely changed her life. She told us about how she used to smoke, drink tea and coffee, and how now she feels so much better and she can see the difference the gospel has made in her life.

    Sorry the email isn't very long, but hey I hope you all have a great week,

Elder Rogers

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