Sunday, August 9, 2015

Zone Conference Preparations

Our Philly Cheese Steak Creations
August  8, 2015

         Well this week was pretty crazy.  So in our mission right now we are having temple conferences.  What happens is a zone of missionaries (usually there are about 18 missionaries in a zone) will all go to the temple.  The missionaries that live close by will just come and leave in the same day, but the missionaries that live farther away will have to stay the night and the next day they go to the temple and go back to their areas. So my companion and I had to buy all of the food for the conferences that we are going to have. So yeah, it is pretty crazy.

           In our mission we have 12 zones and last week we had two conferences and one of the conferences that we had is the zone that I am in.  We had a really great conference.  We talked a lot about our calling as a missionary and also a lot about the importance of the temple and how we need to receive revelation on how we should work in our area and how to help the ward the best that we can.  Right before we went to the temple, we watched Ephraim´s Rescue.  Wow that is a really good movie.  That was the first time I had seen it.  After the movie we all went to the temple.

            Well, the photo that I have was taken a couple of days ago when we were kind of missing food from the states so me and Elder Lawson (a missionary that I live with who is from Provo) decided that we should make Philly cheese steaks.  They were awesome!

Hope you all have a great week,

Elder Rogers

P.S. Sorry the pictures are dark; we forgot to put it on flash.

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