Monday, May 30, 2016

More Miracles

Our multi-mission conference
May 30, 2016

          We are doing really well here in El Bosque.  We have been seeing a lot of miracles here. Hugo (our investigator) went to church this week even though it was pouring rain. We have been able to have a couple lessons with him and he has a big interest in family history work so we are going to work on that this week.

          Another miracle is our ward missionary is really excited about missionary work and she invited us to give a blessing to one of her friends, Maria, that is from a different religion. We gave the blessing and she was very happy to receive it and the member invited her to go to church and told her that she would pass by in the morning. Maria and her son both went to church this week!

          With Elder Brumble we have been having a lot of ideas for cooking stuff.  Right now I`m not able to send any photos that are on his camera but I will send some in the next weeks or so.

Love you guys,

Elder Rogers


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