Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Final Change

May 9, 2016

Hey everybody, 

          Changes is this week and I`m staying in my area and my companion is leaving and going to Rocha. My new companion is Elder Brumble, I kind of already know him.  He has 6 weeks less on the mission as I do. Something crazy is that this change (6 weeks) is my last change. Don´t worry I´m not trunky.  I am really excited to work the best I can in my area and finish the mission strong.

          Happy Mothers Day to all of those mothers out there, I hope your day was very special. Something crazy is that here Mother’s day isn´t until next week, so it was kind of weird to do skype last Sunday and for everybody else it was just another day. 

          Well, I would love to send you some photos but the computer I´m using doesn´t have a USB drive that works, so until next week.

Elder Rogers

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