Friday, October 2, 2015

First Things First

September 28, 2015

      Hello everybody? How are you all doing? I`m doing pretty great.  This week was a really great week. We had a multiple zone conference and our president talked to us about using our time wisely. I really liked it a lot and now my companion and I are trying to apply that the best we can, especially with prioritizing and doing the things that are the most important first and then doing everything else.

      We have seen some miracles this week just being able to find people and visit them. We are starting to find a lot more people here in San Jose.  They haven´t baptized anybody in my area for a while now, but we have some people that we are teaching that could get baptized possibly this month.

      Well, right now the weather is changing here some days it is really cold and the next day it is really hot. It reminds me a lot of Utah in that way. Well I hope you all have a spectacular week.

Elder Rogers 

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