Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Not all Spanish is the Same

President Cook with Elder Lopez & Me

October 26, 2015

Hello everybody,

This week has been pretty crazy.  We had to travel a lot. But, this next week we don`t have to travel a lot, so that will be pretty nice. 

My new companion is Elder Lopez from Peru, and he just recently arrived in the mission. I never realized how many things there are to learn in the mission.  There is so many things. Elder Lopez is an amazing person and he wants to be the best missionary he can possible be.

So recently a lot of the investigators that we have have been really hard to find, so right now we are focusing on finding those investigators and also finding more new investigators. In Uruguay we do a lot of street contacts and also knocking doors, but the majority are from street contacts. 

So something that is pretty funny has been happening lately.  Well, my companion is from Peru.  In Peru they speak very differently than the Uruguayans and they have a lot of words that do not exist in Uruguay. So when we have conversations he says a bunch of words that I have never heard of. So I have to ask what does that mean and then I`m like, “Oh this is how you say this word in Uruguay. “

Love you guys,

Elder Rogers

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